Sat. 10 June 2023
AB Club Bd Anspach 124-108, 1000 Brussels Brussel
Doors at 18:00



A meeting of kindred spirits from Budapest by way of Brussels with AB Club at its crux ~ KRAAK is proud to welcome UH, Hungary’s experimental music org which has been genre-blurring & boundary-bashing with its annual festival for nearly 15 years. This team effort features selected acts from the Carpathian Basin and over, bringing off-kilter minds & matters beyond landlocked borders to commingle with shining beams from our tepid lowlands. Modular jammers, ethereal poetics, lore of the modern day folk and engagers in futuristic mythmaking join forces for a night out in our city center, where the Danube will flow into the Senne to electrifying effect ~ a new kind of joy for sure.

PRESALE   10 - 12 -15 EUR (+3EUR reservation + STIB ticket) 
ADD   15 EUR 

Annelies Monseré


The love project of two of the Netherlands’ hottest avant garde properties returns to this side of the lowlands ~ Michiel Klein (Lewsberg etc) and Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut etc) bring back Goldblum’s dusty loops and shimmering poetry to the Belgian scene in the years following their KRAAK release Of Feathers and Bones and a vinyl reissue of their magically evocative self-titled debut. Suit up for a foray into hypnagogic hop loaded with sound fragments as varied as golden oldies and crushing noise improvisations, which all do be extra dreamy indeed.


A joint venture between two of Budapest’s most promising electronic talents, Ma’iwa was formed in 2019 by Anna Makay aka MA’AM and Lajos Nadhazi aka AIWA. Their combined skills result in a shape-shifting sonic journey made of speculative spoken word segments and amorphous dream sequences relayed by synthesizers and drum machines. Their poetry-infused loops invite states of hypnosis where words and music are one language understood by all.


Two veterans of the Budapestian experimental and free techno scene come together for an analog electronica deep dive. Lucia Udvardyova (aka Palmovka) and Peter Márton (aka Prell) use dubbed out pedals and modular synths to reach near-hallucinogenic levels of abstraction in their swerving improvisations. Ineffably rhythmic and unpredictable constructions pave the path for some real mental soundscapes not to be missed out on!

Új Bála

Hungarian artist Gabor Kovács has been using the Új Bála handle for his disjointed electronic experiments which could be described as baffling psychedelic techno. A fixture of the Budapest underground, he’s quickly making strides in his adoptive Brussels with his distorted synth manglings. Releases on Altered States Tapes, Czaszka Rec., Lost Dogs Entertainment, Dalmata Daniel and even KRAAK’s KRUT imprint give much material to dig through, always unparalleled by the live experience itself which invariably elicit questionable dance moves from all who are present.