Sat. 12 January 2019
Social Harmony HQ Ghent
Doors at 21:30

KRAAK's New Year's Snifter

Roger 3000 (BE), Jesus is My Son (BE), Cosmo Knex (BE)

Welcome to the festive folks' gathering and enter 2019 in style.


Sat. 12 January 2019
Social Harmony

21:00Jesus Is My Son
22:00Roger 3000
inbetween and afterCosmo Knex

Roger 3000

Roger 3000 is a music project of the Brussels-based painter Julien Meert. His rhytmic miniatures reveal an unhidden naivity and pictoral sensations of a dream. Melanholic guitar tunes merge with abstract electronics and whispering lyrics in his native French. A soundtrack for a reminiscent winter evening, and an optimism of a new day. Roger 3000 released two cassettes, by Tanuki Records (2018) and JJ Funhouse (2014).

Jesus is My Son

Jesus Is My Son is the contemplative solo project by the experimental guitarist Gr├ęgory Duby. It stands out with its eclectic assemblage of sounds coming from, among other sources, folk, classical and medieval music. The scope of his tunes cuts across the spectrum of drone, minimal and blues. Melodic symphony in somewhat ceremonial pieces evoke mysticism, ephemerality and fatality. With his improvised electric guitar performance, the emphasis is set on the silence inbetween melodies.
In last 10 years, he played in several bands gravitating towards experimental noise rock. He lives in Brussels, owns the label FF HHH and manages with two friends Mandaï Distribution.

Cosmo Knex

Cosmo Knex is a dj project of Antwerp based Johan Kaut. Known for his blend of most diverse musical influences, Knex creates disco electronics at outer planetary edges and dance parties for yet undiscovered worlds. He is a host at Destination Earth in Antwerp and Club 4 Reel in Amsterdam, makes music under the Fyoelk moniker and runs the Stenze Quo cassette label.