Sun. 18 January 2015
B50 Ghent
Doors at 21:00

Live Long and Avant-Garde

Family Underground (DK), Shetahr (BE)

Family Underground

Danish free drone rock duo, who are since year and day a hidden treasure among the ultimate hipster crew of Mayhem (Posh Isolation, Girlseeker, Iceage). With tons of cd-rs, tapes, and lps Nicolas Kaufman and Sara C. Czerny dwell still in the highest regions of the 7th Dimension. Jes, that one which one was launched into the sky by that other Something Underground.


The Beat Sabbath, The Black Happening, or the new revolution in the underestimated crap wave genre. Shetahr is Brussels, demented, agressive and Existential. Check their first single on LAC records.