Sat. 30 September 2017
Doors at 22:30

Oorstof & KRAAK present

Dirar Kalash (PS), Daniël DuchamP (BE), Disposición Asoleada (EQ), Miaux Au Mix (BE)

Dirar Kalash

As multi instrumentalist, multi-media artist and improviser explores DIRAR KALASH open concepts, collective improvisation and open software. Not bound by genres or style, he displays an impressive musical knowledge in which he dissappears as an ever morphing chameleon.

Daniël DuchamP

Photographer, double bass player and modular synth wizzard DANIËL DUCHAMP skates since long throughout the Belgian underground. He improvises massive deep listening pieces with bass and self build electronics. Highly recommended: the split LP with Timo Van Luijk.

Disposición Asoleada

DISPOSICIÓN ASOLEADA comes from the deep down Brussels underground where he asthonished small but dedicated crowds with lo fi banjo raga’s and tape collages. His universe is made out of Andian ghosts, tropical birds and haunting visions. Debuted recently on Lexi Disques.