Fri. 27 April 2018
TramZwart Ghent
Doors at 22:00

The Musical Shadow

Will Guthrie (AU), James Rushford & Joe Talia (AU)

An double bill with 2 off-stream currents straight from the Australian Diaspora's Experimentalist scene.

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Thu. 26 April 2018

20:00DJ Lizzy (apero tunes)
20:30James Rushford & Joe Talia
21:30Will Guthrie
22:15DJ Lizzy (schenkt ze nog eens vol)

Will Guthrie

Will Guthrie is a France based Australian drummer / percussionist who takes the drum into non-convenient and unusual performance contexts, as well musically wise as in stage wise. He improvises hardcore solosets that plays onto polyrythms, overtones and phase shifting, playing in a cano on a lake, or in a 4 meter square trailer is not unusual for the challenging man. He release last year the insane People Pleaser record on Oren Ambarchi's Black Truffle label, that ended up in numerous best of 2017 lists.

James Rushford & Joe Talia

James Rushford and Joe Talia are both in their own right and in numerous constellations (Food Court, Ora Clementi a.o.) renowned electroacoustic composers who create subtle and discomforting sound collages that delve deep into the unconsciousness. Rushford deals with the aesthetics of what he calls the Musical Shadow; Talia comes from a free jazz background as drummer, and for his own compositions he rethinks musique concrète, using analogue gear as reel-to-reel tapes and synthesizers to uncovering a new form of decayed virtuosity. Together they add up the sum of crafts into haunting pieces that unveil a search for the obsessed and the uncanny. Highly recomended are the Food Court and the Ora Clementi releases on Penultimate Press, as well their daunting Manhunter release on Graham Lambkin's Kye Records.