Sun. 30 August 2020
Doors at 14:00

Zondag Acht Dagen

Altitude 1000, Disposición Asoleada, Ignatz, Radio Hito, DJ Eric Kinny

An afternoon hang with Brussels' current-and-former expats, from banjo meditations to crooner prom vibes to straight up square dancin' in the courtyard.

~ Covid rules apply - seated butts, covered mouths when not sitting. You should know 'em by now! ~


Sun. 30 August 2020
De Koer, Meibloemstraat 86, 9000 Gent

Altitude 1000

Sweet melodies for lovers and loved ones: King and Queen of the Rue de la Senne prom night TG Gondard and Rebecca Bonté profess starry-eyed expressions of devotion backed by ageless pop melodix to swoon hard to.

Disposición Asoleada

Ecuadorian exile David Jarrin has been troubadouring with his banjo for years and years, plucking out hypnotizing tunes inflected with deconstructed Americana and Hindi-derived visions of otherworldliness. A first in Ghent, at least we're gonna claim so!


The man, the cartoon, the mumblecore god of blues drawling himself: Bram Devens has been around, yet Ignatz never gets old. Melancholia turns into wistfulness through the persistently faraway quality of his subtle jamming. But he just wants to play guitar, folks.

Radio Hito

The intimacy of Y.-My Nguyen aka Radio Hito's contemplative pop ballads is initially so disarming you might want to look away. But, inevitably, it sucks you in: the sparse piano, the soaring chords, the voice that reverberates through night and day dreams. The Italian. It's all there and she's got it.

DJ Eric Kinny

Dude basically needs no introduction anymore. Just grab yer pardner dosey do and get down to some cowgirlboycattlelickin' good times.