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Various Artists
KRAAK 10S & 20S


Release Date: 28-02-2020
Artwork by Pommelien Koolen
Design by Dylan Belgrado
Mastered by De Buck Entreprises
Compiled for KRAAK Festival 2020
Limited edition of 200


1. Köhn – 4 hours (4 minute edit)

2. Giorgio Dursi – The Song of Hypothesis

3. Calhau – Call Dunes

4. Maan – Vapourspace

5. Orphan Fairytale – Aeolus & Astraeus

6. Hellvete – Für Kraak

7. Kramp – Huid

8. Bear Bones Lay Low – Bark Gleams Silver

9. Ignatz – You can’t see me

10. Ameel Brecht – Stay Up All Night

11. Chik White – For Karl Eulenstein

12. Lieven Martens Moana – Dust (excerpt)

13. Floris Vanhoof – Squeak

14. Kuupuu – Lovi

15. Vica Pacheco – Paseo en Lancha

16. Razen – Road to Bilma

17. Red Brut – Monster 2

18. Crash Toto – Part 3

Presenting a condensed survey of KRAAK’s recent past and immediate future through a selection of tracks that chart the breadth of the label’s output.

The 18 songs contained within this unassuming piece of plastic speak for a generation of artists whose contribution to the legacy of KRAAK is in no way insignificant: the faded melancholia of Ignatz, the cosmic outlook championed by Köhn, the bejeweled exotica of Bear Bones, Lay Low, the brainwave tingling of Floris Van Hoof... all of the elements and personas that make up not just a community, but a constellation bright and beaming. A new crop of newcomers to the roster (Vica Pacheco, KRAMP, Kuupuu and Orphan Fairytale) herald new frontiers within the continuation of narratives that are as auspicious as they are unmapped.

The tracks made especially for this cassette are testaments to the musical kinship as well as camaraderie that KRAAK has always held at its core, and of which KRAAK Festival is the chief manifestation. Reminisce while gazing at what unfolds before you and stay tuned: there is more to come.