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Lieven Martens
Music From The Guardhouse


Release Date: 10-06-2013
Artwork by Wietske Van Gils
Design by Jeroen Wille
Limited edition of 500
Mastered by Christophe Albertijn
Music by Lieven Martens

1. Aria, The Cloud
2. Act One, Under the Stone Pine (Version Alofa)
3. Act Two, The Cory's Shearwater
4. As Falésias – the Cliffs, A Serenade in Two Parts

​Lieven Martens' first album under his birth name marks an important shift in his oeuvre. While still indebted to the universe created under his moniker Dolphins Into The Future, 'Music From The Guardhouse' shows the Artist reaching the shores of his mental island, fully matured. This is where a new journey begins, a musical research program within the 'composer genre'.

Through literature and landscape painting Martens developed a language that is as close to the personal-spiritual documentary as to contemporary classical music. Quoting Percy Bysshe Shelley in its opening piece ‘Aria, The Cloud’ the tone is set for an