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Plz Tell Me


Release Date: 16-11-2020
Artwork by Jonna Karanka
Design by Dylan Belgrado
Limited edition of 300
Mastered by Samuli Tanner
Music by Jonna Karanka

1. Mountblow 66

2. Montee

3. Transsii

4. Ihmispennut

5. Summer (feat. Draama-Helmi)

6. Nuku 

7. All Nighter

8. Bull

9. Grand-père Nutcase

10. Star212

11. Palaa

12. Bubbatalon

Sparkly disjointed pop by Finnish luminary Jonna Karanka

As part of legendary groups such as Avarus, Hertta Lussu Ässä and Olimpia Splendid, Jonna Karanka has been a key player in the Finnish underground for most of this century. Through her Kuupuu alias, she dwells among an illustrious generation of Finn sound wizards which includes Tomuttontu/Jan Anderzen, Tsemba/Marja Ahti, Lau Nau et al. Through the collaging of warbled acoustic instruments and looped-up electronics, Kuupuu has long been carving out her own lines into this post-free folk/neo-psychedelia lore. 

Plz Tell Me, her first LP since 2013’s Sisar, was originally a self-released cassette through which new forms emerged in the Kuupuu repertoire. Jungly orchestral arrangements meet slick dub-tinged productions in a series of pop tunes for disjointed times: whether you dance or swoon or stare confusedly into space is up to chance. The original nine tracks get the full LP treatment for this Belgo-Finn treaty renewal, with 12 songs that weave down endless summers full of disembodied voices that moan and quaver as they murmur lullabies to punctured beats. Plz Tell Me opens a dazzling zone for fantasies to inhabit and intertwine, where incongruent sounds and a noisy kit of dreamed storylines knit a full tapestry of whimsical bliss.