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Tootache 1/2


Co Published by Toothpick

A1. Neville, Crotty & Sparkling – Untitled 
A2. Hex Minora – Untitled 
A3. Delphium – Untitled 
A4. The Obzoid Plant – Untitled 
A5. Piume E Sangue – Untitled 
A6. Pil & Flippy Dosk – Untitled 
B1. Billy? – Untitled 
B2. Massimiliano Gatti – Untitled 
B3. Limpid – Untitled 
B4. Errare Humanum Est – Untitled 
B5. Moral Codex* – Untitled

First part of an international experimental compilation featuring a experimental approach to “sound”. It contains twelve bands, each with an exclusive track. Re-issue of the original Toothpick release.

The music is difficult to describe as it was the purpose to break the existing genre barriers. But maybe we can give it a try: Neville, Crotty & Sparling (band from Seattle making something like poetry), Hex Minora (two people with opposite vieuws and ideas, hence their own style clash, UK), Piume E Sangue (experimental trio from Italy), Delphium (noisy guitar-beats-project, UK), Cosmic Blender (guitar soundscapes, Belguim), Pil & Flippy dosk (distorted jungle, Belgium), Billy? (new Japanese noise talents), Massimiliano Gatti (experimental ambient from Italy), E.H.E. (Noise project from Germany), Limpid (computer wizard making crazy electronic music), Moral Codex (industrial ambient combined with new sounds). Give it a try, our neighbours danced on E.H.E already…