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Jean Grémillion
Tour Au Large


Release Date: 04-11-2014
Design by rw-jj
Dimensions: 18x27
Edited by Christophe Piette
Limited edition of 300

This book was published on the occassion of the 'Un Tour Au Large' event, with a concert by Rex Lawson and screenings of two seminal movies by French filmmaker and composer Jean Grémillion. The event was part of a broad overview of Grémillion's body of work, carefully curated by Cinematek and Aristide Bianchi. This book was edited by Artistide Bianchi and Christophe Piette.

An educated musician, performer and composer initially performing as a violinist in a silent film orchestra, Grémillon became interested from the early stages of his career in the complex relations between the moving image, sound and music. His silent