Aya Suzuki

Winged Seeds


Since the age of six, multi-instrumentalist Aya Suzuki has been developing a musical universe informed by classical training and emboldened by a prodigious, almost innate feel for sound. Her precocious leanings into percussive instrumentation led her to study at the pioneering Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo under the mentorship of world-renowned marimba player Keiko Abe, after which she left her native Japan to pursue a Master’s in percussion at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. Winged Seeds, her debut album recorded during a summer residency at STUK in Leuven, presents the work of a musician whose ingenuity is in full flight. Clay pots, vibraphone, aluphone, bowls, and, of all things, rice, are her tools for conjuring arresting atmospheres through intricate fantasias and serene abstractions. Aya’s mastery of percussive techniques goes hand in hand with her gift for poetic improvisation, as sound and silence have an equal and deliberate weight that charge each moment, suspending time and place into a magical stasis. The surprising spoken word intermezzo “To The Earth” anchors these floating tones to the temporal spaces of our humanity, instilling a sense of humility which, despite her acumen, Aya deploys in all her artistry. Winged Seeds is an unspoiled ode to the elements, honoring the earth we dwell in through the music that lifts us ever higher.

Release Date: 29-04-2024
Artwork by Hervé Muller
Design by Dylan Belgrado
Limited edition of 100
Mastered by Luca Piovesan at BlowOutStudio
Mixed by Luca Piovesan at BlowOutStudio
Music by Original compositions by Aya Suzuki: "Leaf Vein", "Bird's Eye" and "Figment" "To The Earth" by Frederic Rzewski, "SPILL" by Eric Griswold and "Lu for prepared vibraphone" by Hugo Morales Murgia
Musicians: All music performed by Aya Suzuki using vibraphone, aluphone, flower pots, vocals rice, bowls, metal tubes and thunder sheet
Recorded in residency at STUK

1. Leaf Vein

2. Bird’s Eye

3. To The Earth (Frederic Rzewski)

4. Figment by Aya Suzuki - Aluphone

5. SPILL (Erik Griswold)

6. Lu for prepared vibraphone (Hugo Morales Murguia)

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