SB RADIO 3: Venezuelan Head Trip with Cher-e-lee

Madrid-based software engineer Cher-ee Lee left Venezuela in the same way millions of others have: forced by crippling circumstances, uncertain about what lay ahead and what she would return to, if she ever does. As things tend to go, time and distance have filled the geographical vacuum by reigniting an appreciation for the music of the land, whether it be the rumble of afro-caribbean drums that evoke bonfires dances by the beach, or the heartnening peasant musings that ring through the plains, or even the avant-garde cosmopolites whose vision had the sort of potential that has long since been unjustly forgotten. 

Wed 27 May SB RADIO 4: Burn Wine and Freak Folk with Förlag För Fri Musik
A trek up to the Nordic darkness, where lo-fi jams by the fearless loners of the Förlag För Fri Musik collective make Gothenburg a spiritual home for the somber and the lovelorn
Sun 24 May SPRING BRAKERS 7: POLONIUS, "The Glove"
Polonius shares his new opus, THE GLOVE: "...The key behind the versatility of an object able to shape shift not once not twice, but thrice after its original likeness.
Sun 17 May SPRING BRAKERS 6: Tomás Tello
Peruvian sound artist and musician Tomás Tello uses his natural surroundings as the stage for a meditative noise excursion into the magical Algarve.
Sun 10 May SPRING BRAKERS 5: chik white
Jew's harps, nose flutes, shed electronix: sounds like our boy chik white is jamming hard somewhere out in the Canadian wilderness.
Sun 03 May SPRING BRAKERS 4: Drogenhaus Special
A full-length docuconcert as French trickster Accou, latino head Bear Bones, Lay Low and the mystical entity of Quanta Qualia welcome us to their home on the edges of the Brussels Ring
Fri 17 April SPRING BRAKERS 3A: Eric Frye
Minneappolis composer Eric Frye goes verdant couch tater style in this unsettling set for unnerving times
Fri 17 April SPRING BRAKERS 3B: Jung An Tagen
Austria's digitalic conjurer Jung An Tagen brings an especially dizzying set in his eerily confounding setting
Fri 10 April SPRING BRAKERS 2: Roxane Métayer
Brussels-based artist joins in with mesmerizing violin concoctions
Fri 03 April SPRING BRAKERS 1: Will Guthrie
Australian Nantes-based percussionist treats the world to solos of two kinds