Sun 12 July SPRING BRAKERS 14: Sound Sorcery at Brasserie Atlas with Vica Pacheco, Eve Aboulkheir & Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle
An alchemical meeting between three elemental sound sculptresses to end this wicked series
MSHR's interdimensional dispatch Bloom Cycles opens gateways into portals beyond the confines of quarantined states
Sun 05 July SPRING BRAKERS 13A: Embassador Dulgoon
Dusk explorations into the deep stellar jungles of Embassador Dulgoon, way out in the polar South
Sun 28 June SPRING BRAKERS 12B: Oï Les OX
Drifting through a multitude of soundscapes and visual states with Brussels-based artist Oï Les OX
Sun 28 June SPRING BRAKERS 12A: Ka Baird
Ka Baird invokes wild magic through flute and harmonium for her Neversink Ritual
Wed 24 June Spring Brakers 9B: Heta Bilaletdin
Heta Bilaletdin goes underwater dub in a much anticipated ~ and extra cooling ~ video show
Sun 21 June SPRING BRAKERS 11C: Zad Kokar
Singing to the ghosts of parties past in the hallways of soon-to-be reborn golden diamonds
Our favorite Leipzig trio takes a droney road trip on several planes of perception
Sun 21 June SPRING BRAKERS 11A: T.u.b
One third of YOR breaks free into strange spaces of her physical imagination
Sun 14 June SPRING BRAKERS 10: Back in Time at Level 5 with KRAMP
Revisiting the epic Sludge Head consortium aka KRAMP's first Brussels appearance!
Sun 07 June SPRING BRAKERS 9A: Radio Hito
Transporting melancholia with a view to a reopening world: Radio Hito explores a city rendered solemnly. Special cameos by some of Brussels' finest!
Sun 31 May SPRING BRAKERS 8A: Orphan Fairytale
Bear yoga and transformative magic in the woods. Take a strange, sweet walk in the forest with Orphan Fairytale
Sun 31 May SPRING BRAKERS 8B: Territorial Gobbing
Bathtime with Territorial Gobbing would obviously involves melting foam headpieces and chattering teeth. Let the cacophony wash over you
Sun 24 May SPRING BRAKERS 7: POLONIUS, "The Glove"
Polonius shares his new opus, THE GLOVE: "...The key behind the versatility of an object able to shape shift not once not twice, but thrice after its original likeness."
Sun 17 May SPRING BRAKERS 6: Tomás Tello
Peruvian sound artist and musician Tomás Tello uses his natural surroundings as the stage for a meditative noise excursion into the magical Algarve
Sun 10 May SPRING BRAKERS 5: chik white
Jew's harps, nose flutes, shed electronix: sounds like our boy chik white is jamming hard somewhere out in the Canadian wilderness
Sun 03 May SPRING BRAKERS 4: Drogenhaus Special
A full-length docuconcert as French trickster Accou, latino head Bear Bones, Lay Low and the mystical entity of Quanta Qualia welcome us to their home on the edges of the Brussels Ring
Fri 17 April SPRING BRAKERS 3A: Eric Frye
Minneappolis composer Eric Frye goes verdant couch tater style in this unsettling set for unnerving times
Fri 17 April SPRING BRAKERS 3B: Jung An Tagen
Austria's digitalic conjurer Jung An Tagen brings an especially dizzying set in his eerily confounding setting
Fri 10 April SPRING BRAKERS 2: Roxane Métayer
Brussels-based artist joins in with mesmerizing violin concoctions
Fri 03 April SPRING BRAKERS 1: Will Guthrie
Australian Nantes-based percussionist treats the world to solos of two kinds
Wed 08 July SB RADIO 9: Manos Sudadas by Vica Pacheco & Apulati Bien
A sentimental mix full of heavy love and sweaty palms
Wed 01 July SB RADIO 8: On Ingrown Records with Raw Ryan
A talk with the enigmatic Raw Ryan from Ingrown records, one of the sweetest labels to make our radar
Wed 24 June SB RADIO 7: On Musa Ullakolla
Reliving the hottest shows of the Covid-19 pt 1 era
Wed 17 June SB Radio 6: Emma Zoia Puts Pretty Good Music on YouTube
Emma Zoia shares some of her formative tunes as we listen into the sounds that made her an underground YouTube star
Wed 10 June SB RADIO 5: Demon Radio with Styn Wybouw
Exorcising sound and shame with KRAMP
Wed 27 May SB RADIO 4: Burn Wine and Freak Folk with Förlag För Fri Musik
A trek up to the Nordic darkness, where lo-fi jams by the fearless loners of the Förlag För Fri Musik collective make Gothenburg a spiritual home for the somber and the lovelorn
Wed 20 May SB RADIO 3: Venezuelan Head Trip with Cher-e-lee
A musical road trip through Venezuelan time and space, filled with personal histories from a land of chaos and beauty
Wed 13 May SB RADIO 2: With David Perron (Free Form Freakout & Round Bale Recordings)
Hidden gems turn into entire catalogs with Free Form Freakout and Round Bale Recordings honcho David Perron
Wed 06 May SB RADIO 1: With Sean McCann (Recital)
LA based composer and Recital founder talks about his musical practice and label activities