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Autumn Falls

Anika (DE/UK), U.S. Girls (CA), Slim Twig (CA)
Wed. 23 November 2011
Magasin 4, Brussels$
doors: 21:30
ticket: 10 

Co-production with Toutpartout.


Probably one of the hottest pop music acts of 2011, Anika spread her darkish but sweet 80s styled minimal punk pop and neo-Neue Deutsche Welle as slightly burned marshmellow clouds. Produced by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, backed up by Beak> and relea

U.S. Girls

With ‘U.S. Girls on KRAAK’ Meghan Remy might have delivered what is her most pop music focussed album so far. Motown, sixties girls bands and 90s MTV-R&B are all ghost genres that whisper the melodies through her old experimental woods. Her vocals

Slim Twig

Toronto based Slim Twig’s influences range from Elvis to da RZA. After some years of creating genres such as concrete rockabilly, releasing free mixtapes and remixing various artists he now started to focus on producing hot new art pop acts such as U.S