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Courtisane Festival

Home Movies (Andrea Belfi, Stefano Pilia, Xavier Garcia Bardon & Benjamin Franklin), Gill Arno (MPLD), Aki Onda, Jasper Rigole, Thomas Smetryns, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Kristof Roseeuw Michael Weilacher, Chris Welsby & William Raban, James Benning, Guy Sherwin, Luke Fowler & Lee Patterson, Emily Richardson, Chris Watson, Benedict Drew…
Thu. 23 April — Fri. 24 April 2009
Vooruit, Ghent
doors: 22:00


Thu 23 April 2009

20:00 An Evening on Memory

Fri 24 April 2009

20:00 An Evening on Landscapes

An Evening on Memory

Past Imperfect focuses on the interplay between recollections and the blanks in our memory. Some old super 8-films by Circus Family Togni preserved by Home Movies find a second life in a 4-screen audiovisual performance. In Gill Arno’s modified slide p

An Evening on Landscapes

Sculpting the Land casts a new light on one of Art History’s oldest themes: landscape. Guy Sherwin, Courtisane’s Artist in Focus, carries out a performance that shatters the illusionary threedimensionality of the portrayed landscape. In “Draw a Straigh