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Ear To The Ground

Will Guthrie (US), VA AA LR (PT/UK)
Sat. 13 May 2017
School of Arts — Bijloke Site, Ghent
doors: 16:00

Ear to the Ground is festival founded by KRAAK’s neighbours De Bijloke. It presents a mixture of in total 32 micro concerts and performances — all ranging in between 10 to 35 minutes —, exploring as such the margins of what a concert could and would be


VA AA LR are the trio of Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan and Louis Rice. They are the ultimate re-imagineers and rethinkers of your daily sound environment, using non conformist techniques and arte povera methods in contemporary music.

Will Guthrie

Will Guthrie is a France based Australian drummer / percussionist who takes the drum into non-convenient and unusual performance contexts, as well musically wise as in stage wise. He improvises hardcore solosets that plays onto polyryt