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Eastern Daze

The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar (MA), Pelt (US), Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society (US), Toad (FR), Razen (BE), Norberto Lobo (PT)
Sat. 15 November 2014
Vooruit, Ghent
doors: 16:30
ticket: day vvk 25  day adk 30  evening vvk 17  evening adk 20 

The Eastern Daze festival is a collaborative effort between record label / concert organizers / KRAAK and the Ghent based Art Centre Vooruit. With Eastern Daze we aim to make a connection between ethnic folk traditions and the contemporary underground

​The Master Musicians Of Jajouka

The Master Musicians Of Jajouka are a a group of Sufi trance musicians that reside in the Morrocan Rift Mountains. For many generations their music has been passed on from father to son. Their introduction to the Western world happened


For over 20 years, the American avant-folk trio Pelt has been releasing countless records, CDR’s and tapes. Originally started as a psychedelic rock band they evolved to playing noisy drones, Western raga, Appalachian folk and Eliane R

Joshua Abrams

Joshua Abrams is a bass player and composer with over 15 years of experience in Chicago’s vibrant avant-garde jazz scene. A few years back Abrams turned to the guembri, a traditional lute-like string instrument mainly found in North-an


Belgian duo Razen  consists of Brecht Ameel en Kim Delcour who blend old European music and deep listening into a very pure form of acoustic minimalism. Their new record on Kraak, ‘Remote Holograms’ will be presented at the festival.

Norberto Lobo

Virtuosic six string picker Norberto Lobo scorches his way through traditional solo guitar playing by incorporating instrumental Fado, American Primitive-style fingerpicking and Mongolian throat singing, inventing an imaginary form of