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KRAAK’s New Year’s Snifter

Aymeric de Tapol (FR), Yersinia Pestis (FR/BE), DJs Hnos. González (VE/BE)
Sat. 04 February 2017
In De Ruimte, Ghent
doors: 21:00

Hang on and feel 2017 together.

Yersinia Pestis

According to Wikipedia, Yersinia Pestis is a dirty disease. According to the Brussels underground it’s a young Brussels band. They bastardardize Black Metal, Psychobilly and other fertile styles which flourish like fungae in cellars. T

Aymeric de Tapol

Aymeric de Tapol is a versatile French sound artist, noiser and modulair synth freak that once got lost in Brussels. Nowadays you can call him one of the cities hidden gems. His most recent concerts and records (Lexi Disque, VLEK a.o.)