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loner psych / babooshka trance

Amen Dunes (US), Prince Rama Of Ayodhya (US), Mim (FR)
Sat. 28 November 2009
De Bunker, Brussels
doors: 21:30

Prince Rama Of Ayodhya

While Animal Collective starts to sound like Faithless and Joanna Newsom bought a luxury yacht in the Cote D’Azur, American hipsters are feverishly seeking new hippies to pitchfork. If you think of it, Prince Rama of Ayodhya have everything they need:

Amen Dunes

AMEN DUNES recorded his brilliant debut record “Dia” (Locust) somewhere in the Catskill Mountains, Upstate New York, and moved to Beijing afterward. Damon McMAhon seems to be attracted to loneliness and anonymity. His loner-psych combines the song craf


The Brussels-based Frenchman MIM (brother of él-g (KRAAK)) operates in a musical universe that has been blessed by finger pickers, folkies, modern chansonniers and beefhearts. You might have admired him already as back-up guitarist for él-g on the Kraa