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Uncanny Valley

Black Pus (US), Yeah You (UK), DJ Gerard Herman (BE)
Fri. 04 May 2018
TramZwart, Ghent
doors: 22:30
ticket: vvk 10  adk 13  combi 22 
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Vooruit & KRAAK are celebrating the open marriage between underground music & visual art in in the second edition of the Uncanny Valley festival.

Uncanny Valley?

Following the first edition of the Uncanny Valley festival, centered around the LAFMS collective, central guests for this edition are Lightning Bolt; the avant-punk duo of Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson who have been expanding and

Black Pus

Black Pus is the project of Brian Chippendale, drummer of Lightning Bolt. Mid-way the 2000s he started to release cdr’s with solo work, followed with a full albums on Thrill Jockey. 

Think of Lightning bolt’s sound, without the metal riffs, expa

Yeah You

Yeah You is the unlikely father/daughter duo of Elvin Brandhi and MYKL JAXN, transgressing borders of UK grime, improv strategies and pure pop. Last year they released an album on the Slip label, a recently a highly recommended tape on Luke Younger's A

Gerard Herman

Antwerp-based poet in the broadest sense of the word: his output entails cycling performances, drawings, installation art, schlager music (with Milan W.), exotic loop music (see his record on Entr'acte), free jazz (with Kris Vanderstraeten and