Sat. 25 June 2022
Atoma Rue Pierre Decoster, 110, 1190 Forest Brussels
Doors at 19:00

Volksken Filth

Venediktos Tempelboom (BE), Red Brut (NL), Able Noise (NL/GR)

Unleashing a new tape from Ghent's primitive vagabond Venediktos Tempelboom as we roll deep into the thick of summer. With Red Brut's creaking collages and Able Noise's rhythmic shimmers floating the ship, it's also high time for some brewskies courtesy of Atoma's localized beermeesters: a Saison Du Filth hath been brewed for this last KRAAK show of the season, whatever that means 🥴

choose yer price   6 - 8 - 10 EUR 

Venediktos Tempelboom

The finger-picking persona of one Benoit Monsieurs from the Ghentian medieval scapes, doling out liturgies of Americana in the tradition of the Funeral Folk elders. A first show in the Brussels capital to celebrate the release of "Het Vuil Volkske", his latest tape on our ancient label, for traditions never undone.

Able Noise

Part Greek part Dutch based duo of baritone guitar and drums, Able Noise frame their practice around space and texture, crafting minimal animations that take on a physicality of sorts. Their first release on Glasgow's GLARC label, Recordings, is a collection of field snippets, meditative chords and creaky ambiances to fall headfirst into.

Red Brut

Another welcome KRAAK hang with our favorite Rotterdam collage wiz Marijn Verbiesen whose Red Brut workings provides an unpredictable yet always entrancing avenue for her intimate musique concrètish wanderings. Juxtaposed soundbites subtly but deftly render atmospheres both eerie and charming, like talismans for cloaked travels.