Sat. 25 June 2022
Atoma Brussels
Doors at 19:00

Volksken Filth::: Venediktos Tempelboom Tape + Filth "Pils" Launch

Venediktos Tempelboom (BE), Red Brut (NL), Able Noise (NL/GR)

Unleashing a new tape from Ghent's primitive vagabond Venediktos Tempelboom as we roll deep into the thick of summer. With Red Brut's creaking collages and Able Noise's rhythmic shimmers floating the ship

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Venediktos Tempelboom

The finger-picking persona of one Benoit Monsieurs from the Ghentian medieval scapes, doling out liturgies of Americana in the tradition of the Funeral Folk elders. A first show in the Brussels capital to celebrate the release of "Het Vuil Volkske", his latest tape on our ancient label, for traditions never undone.

Able Noise

Red Brut