02/02/22 RUISKAMER #4: Alvin Curran / Two Envelopes / Ï Î

A very special evening of sober listenings and metaphorical sound washings with living legend Alvin Curran and a duo of duos with local imagineers Two Envelopes and Ï Î.

FINALLY after years of talking & scheming: Alvin Curran, composer, writer & horn blower extraordinaire, will be playing a special Ruiskamer concert on February 2 in Ghent. Two duos will kick off the ceremonies, with the harpsichord & percussionist dyad Two Envelopes and the pairing of aulos and viola in the form of Ï Î complete what promises to be an evening of the eyes-closed & blissed-out variety. In collaboration with MIRY Concertzaal & Vooruit ~ tickets here, more info there.