Out today, the debut LP of Jef Mertens, documentarian of the underground and dadaist taper from humble Geel. We celebrate with a release show at AB Salon, with support by the most inimitable & ineffable Neil Young/Bromp Treb 🗿

Jef Mertens - NO MATHEMATICS /// co-released with Feeding Tube records:: "This entrancing debut sees shruti box and guitar conjoining to create circling ragas of solemn yet resounding force. Additional contributions from US composer and multi instrumentalist Nickolas Mohanna provide an orphic sheen to the whole, amplifying its psycho-sensorial energy through ringing zithers and pulsating electronics. In essence, NO MATHEMATICS fosters a portentousness that is tenuous and vibrant, completely in line with Mertens’ work so far and proving that the heart of Belgian dronevolk is alive and very much beating."

Order this way::: https://kraak.bandcamp.com/alb...

And tonight! We'll have an evening with Dadaist taper himself, who'll be joined at AB Salon by the blubbering iconoclast Neil Cloaca Young and his Bromp Treb insanemembrane carousel. Come for the noise inanities and mental drones::: details and info: NO MATHEMATICS RELEASE Reunion + IT’S FREE!! cuthurrr 💋