Fri. 16 July 2021
Auguste Ortsstraat 20 - 28 1000 Brussel
Doors at 19:00


Elvin Brandhi (UK), Tomi Yard (FR)

Cross-channeling through two flavors of long-haired experiments in electronics: France and the UK provide the fodder for an evening where ambient-tinged psychedelia of Tomi Yard collides with Elvin Brandhi’s in-your-face improvisational glitchery.

Gratis inkom   Reservaties de dag zelf 

Elvin Brandhi

Bridgend’s Freya Edmondes has been in the weirdo music circuits since her teens, back when she and her father Will took spastic highway free-rolling to new heights with their caustic electronics project Yeah You. As Elvin Brandhi, her signature stream-of-consciousness vocal pyrotechnics course through glitching collages of samples and field recordings, mutating into a full-blooded being that pulsates with an ominous vitality.

Tomi Yard

A vagrant entity of the French earthlands, Tomi Yard exists through sounds picked up and perceived through years of digressive wanderings. The tunes he concocts are dreamy blendings of atmospheric pop and floaty ambient with a decidedly psychedelic bent, most audibly through the “audio memories of emotional states” that he released as 2019’s IDYS JIVZ. Aural jiving for some real mental escapades: exactly what the world needs today.