KRAAK FEST 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: John Dunbar & The Cheese Chandeliers

This enigmatic Greek and his possibly imagined Cheese Chandeliers came into our hive radar through the scrambling chaos of internet shares, and our hive minds definitely fizzled upon grasping his strange, nihilistic jams tinged with crude pop allusions which, at the end of the day, spell out some damn good times. Come & meet this John Dunbar, we will too!

Now here’s some Greek cooking for ya: the enigmatic Athenian Jon Dunbar (not his real name?) and his possibly real Cheese Chandeliers break out multiple forms of demented sun-bleached art rock, like a reimagined Red Krayola sending shocks to the system with spontaneous bursts of absurdist glee. With EPs wielding descriptions such as “inspired by a facebook photo of a person we never met in ‘reality’” and classy titles like “Before going back to the rectum” and “Put some oil in your bush”, beware all expectations ~ these ain’t your typical rebetika scales.