Jon Dunbar, an enigmatic Greek with a free-floating group of Cheese Chandeliers, came into our hive radar through the scrambling chaos of internet shares. Going through his all-over-the-place discography, our hive minds promptly fizzled upon getting a load of his strange, nihilistic jams tinged with crude pop allusions which, at the end of the day, spell out some damn good times. Also: A KRUT BE UPCOMING.

Now here’s some Greek cooking for ya: the enigmatic Athenian Jon Dunbar (not his real name?) and his possibly real Cheese Chandeliers break out multiple forms of demented sun-bleached art rock, like a reimagined Red Krayola sending shocks to the system with spontaneous bursts of absurdist glee. With EPs wielding descriptions such as “inspired by a facebook photo of a person we never met in ‘reality’” and classy titles like “Before going back to the rectum” and “Put some oil in your bush”, beware all expectations ~ these ain’t your typical rebetika scales. Will be joined by cheesy chandelier Τόκης Κούτας aka Kimonas Vlachakis from Όρη & Γκανιάν 🥴

Video for "Gerard Depardieu's Motorcycle Adult Film Club"

Video for "Machines"

JD & The CC Bandcamp page

Jon Dunbar & The Cheese Chandeliers play KRAAK Festival 2021 Friday October 1.

Tickets this way!