Kreis Plön

Almost 20 years ago Jürgen De Blonde debuted on KRAAK with the nowadays unfindable and almost visionary album köhn 1. It was the starting point for a vital and wondrous exploration that lead him over paths of glitch, idm, shoe gaze, hypnagogic pop, improvised music, straight forward synth music, field recordings and kraut.

In the middle of this ungraspable adventure through contemporary electronic music, Köhn stands as a genuine artist that stayed true to the curious spirit of the DIY knob twiddling and boggling boy he once was.

KRAAK is proud to present his 7th album on KRAAK — Kreis Plön, which documents and envisions 20 years of exploring. It’s an album that is about a fusion of the past and the future, of separation and reconfiguration, of mourning and rejoicing, of noise and peace. Kreis Plön is about geolocation. It’s about probable fiction and looking for bits of different puzzles that fit together. An exercise in linear and perpendicular coherence devoid of any objective logic.

In the middle of the album an artist is envisioning his place in the Now, questioning how or when he got there, as he links memories to imaginary places, and real places to imaginary histories. Kreis Plön stands as such a masterpiece that bluntly envisions the future of electronic music.

Release Date: 10-10-2017
Artwork by rr-jw
Design by rr-jw
Limited edition of 300 (CD) / 500 (LP)
Mixed by Karel De Backer
Music by Jürgen De Blonde

1. Rumohr
2. Pülsen
3. Loop
4. Klinker
5. Todendorf
6. Brügge
7. Wisch

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