Bear Bones, Lay Low

Vallée de Dith

Ernesto González traded the Chavez regime for comfortable living in a dreary place called Waterloo, near Brussels. He picked up the guitar, practiced his Hendrix skills, got introduced to the world of scorching fuzz, demented kraut rock jams, drone lords and kosmik trance and decided he could as well do all that shit by himself.

After his debut on Gipsy Sphinx, Vallée de Dith is his second official solo outing, leaving the drone in second position and focussing heavily on kraut rock work-outs. This is the ultimate South-American take on Moolah, Ash Ra Temple and Neu!: excellent riffing, brain-melting space synth and far-out hippy meditation. Probably the best Venezuelan album since Angel Rada’s Upadesa. Phill Niblock hated it!

Release Date: 01-03-2009
Produced & recorded by Willem Moorthaemers

1. Entrade Al Valle
2. Raaaaaa!
3. Bougles are Lighted
4. Cosmic Herbs
5. Bass Vomiting
6. Vomiting Bass
7. Lochness
8. Valléé De Dith

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