In Mechelen's gr'Ambacht & Brussels' SMOG!

^^^SATURDAY 3/12: gr'Ambachting w/ Eve Aboulkheir, Stan Maris and Germain Sijstermans w/ Marcus Kaiser at gr'Ambacht, Mechelen ::::: a deep dive into the physicality of sound as explored through a triple bill of Germaine Sijstermans & Marcus Kaiser's minimal clarinet-cello duo, Stan Maris's janky accordion drones and Eve Aboulkheir's fizzy electroacoustic slow burners to warm these cold winter heads ~ a bonus installation by Germaine Sijstermans will also be vernissage'd!

Doors at 7, first show at 8 sharp, more info here.

THURSDAY 8/12 we're teaming up with the SMOG lovelies for a second edition of our KROG symbiot <3 For this one we've invited Giulia Vismara, whose sonic explorations go deep into space and spaces; Ameel Brecht, whose transporting string picking had us in snot tears with his latest album; and the German duo Ludwig Wittbrodt, whose debut on Ana Ott shows that cello & laptop are very much capable of being implements of joy and transcendence. Read all bout it here.