Ánde Somby

Ánde Somby is deeply rooted in the yoik tradition of the Sami people. Sami are the nomadic people living above the North pole circle in Scandinavia. Although suppressed in history, Yoiking is according to some one of the longest-living music traditions in Europe. It is traditional singing evoking animals, persons or places. Somby keeps this tradition alive and kicking, learned by his mother and father. Today, in another part of Europe, Yoiking sounds as outworldish as the most extreme vocal poetry, using radical expressive vocal techniques and confronting listeners with their own embodied potential.
15 February 2017 | AG 9

About the Yoiker

ánde Somby

I am Ánde, and I am a Sami person. My home is within me. I always carry it with me. My homevillage is Sirbma, and my homeland is Samiland. Our people are the indigenous people of the North-West of Europe, and as many other indigeno

About yoiking


Yoik is the Sami or Laplandic Way of singing or chanting. There are yoiks for persons, animals and landscapes. The musical modus of yoiks is totally different from what is known in Euro-American music. Some say that yoiks are the oldest mu