Żywizna: music built on the ruins of the 20th century

Guitarist Raphael Rogiński and singer Genowefa Lenarcik recorded music in a forest near the Lithuanian border in order to evoke the wilderness and mystery of the wild forest. They dubbed their collaboration Żywizna. Warsaw based Raphael Rogiński talks about this project and his approach towards music in general.
19 February 2019 | AG 14

Nobody wants to be primitive in Eastern Europe

Rogiński is a guitarist, composer and researcher of musical folklore. Being a cultural omnivore, he is tapping into different musical traditions. He is educated in jazz and classical music and is deeply connected to Jewish culture. He conducts research

New languages for new creatures

“In Eastern Europe everything changed after the Second World War. I grew up in an environment which was mainly composed out of minorities. During communist times officially everyone was looking in the same direction. My family has roots in cultures tha

photo credits Daniel Laskowski

A dangerous place full of ancient romances

Żywizna means “nature” in Kurpi.
“Initially the Kurpi culture grew during feudalism which was extremely strong in Poland until the First World War and even later. This region contains poor soil and was completely hidden in the forest. Many people e