A Phosphorescent Musical Hell: Video Conferencing With Fiesta en el Vacío

Never mind the intense title, it’s a personal attempt to make a poetic reference. It’s actually mainly about busted synths, trap beats on a Bluetooth speaker facing the Atlantic Ocean, and making music into something doable.
17 February 2020 |
Como el viento sin alas encerrado en mis ojos
es la llamada de la muerte.
Sólo un ángel me enlazará al sol.
Dónde e

Luna María Cedrón was born in Spain in 1992. Then she and her mom moved to South of France. Then they lived in Paris for a little bit. Then in Mexico. “I know I lived in Cuba at some point too… I don’t quite remember in what order.” When

Meanwhile, the idea of writing lyrics and singing live, a completely abstract notion at first, started to concretize itself in her mind. The summer I was 24, I had a big Flamenco phase. When I was a kid, I danced Flamenco a lot. So I wa

Fiesta en el vacio plays Saturday 29.02 at KRAAK Festival 2020, yep! Buy tickets