Accident du Travail

Paring up odd duo’s seems to be a great way of exploring music new and ever-expanding paths. Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux form Accident du Travail. Well-hidden in the French underground, they team up the powers of the harmonium and the ondes martenot to create almost religious tapestries of sound. Sparse field recordings dwell in between tick layers acoustic drones, while the oldest electronic instrument in musical history leads you down their spiraling path. Recommended, their fresh tape on the fine The Trilogy Tapes label.
15 February 2017 | AG 9

Accident Du Travail: visual music to be experienced with one’s eyes closed

Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux cherish the ondes Martenot and set out to convince the world to do alike with rare live performances. The Kraak festival provides an excellent possibility to discover the sacred minimalism produced by the ondes Martenot

Don’t put your beer on a museum piece

When Julie and Olivier started this project, they didn’t really think about playing live. Their quest was mainly to make the ondes Martenot known to the world. In the beginning both of them recorded for hours at the conservatory because they still didn

Beyond the small sect of ondists

Both Olivier and Julie have side projects but they met in the mid 2000s in  a very nice bowl of underground musicians in Strasbourg. Accident Du Travail however seems to exist outside of these scenes and does not even really connect to the contemp

Zoned out rock and roll

On Trés Prècieux Sang Cooper Crain is in charge of ‘tape transfer’. Julie met Cooper Crain in Belgium when playing with his band Cave. Julie and her brother Jerome opened for them with the band Crash Normal. She wasn't really a member of that ba