Al Fresco

Italians use the expression 'al fresco' to mean 'in the chill' or 'in the cool'. ... When tourists are in a restaurant and want to eat outside, they usually say they want to eat 'al fresco'. This is a funny mistake. In Italian, the expression has a completely different meaning. 'Al fresco' literally means 'in prison'! Al Fresco, the outfit we are discussing here, describe the phrase as (outdoors) -- literally, “to fuck outdoors".
23 August 2019 | AG 14

Al Fresco, a fairly new London-based trio, is comprised of Lia Mazzari (cello, whip), Tom White (electronic and concrete sound) and Sholto Dobie (hand made instruments). These three friends came together not only as musicians but as organisers als

The artists outline their operative as an exploration of the tension which arises between melody and texture, silence and repetition.  In their individual exploration there is a tendency to explore their chosen fields in both compositional and imp

Al Fresco as a unit, having a name separates it from classic improvisation - it’s not a fixed state and Sholto remarks it will evolve in the future allowing other players into the fold. Much of Al Fresco’s approach seems somewhat oppositional to variou