Antti Tolvi

Antti Tolvi is one of the key figures in the Finnish improv scene emerged in the beginning of the 00ties, spoiling the world with loads of stunning, highly inspiring tapes and cd-r’s. Tolvi grew up in Panelia, as small village at the coast of Finland. He studied Indian Classical music and played in cult bands like Lau Nau, Lauhkeat Lampaat and Kemialliset Ystätät. Last year he stunned the world with a three side vinyl, called ‘Pianoketi’ (Fonal), on which he displayed three beautiful minimalist improvisations an a detuned piano. The pieces weave fragile textures of slightly outworldish tapestry, referring to Terry Riley and Lubomyr Melnyk.
24 November 2015 | AG 6
Pauwel De Buck

Hello Antti, you’re well known as one of the profound members of the Finish underground music scene. You played in many projects in diferent styles and genres and travelled around Europe and USA to present your work. But in the


You stayed for only one year, was it to get an insight in their culture and to get inspired by their musical practices or did you really intent to go and learn to play the Hindustani raga music, In the traditional sense?

As this t