Brecht Ameel's COVID 5

Because all we're doing at the moment is listening to music: Brecht Ameel/Ameel Brecht, he of the Polygraph Heartbeats and Razen clan, shares some of his currently spinning cures. His current status: besides a couple of torn ligaments from failed acrobatic demonstrations, he fares well. His selected confined sounds are as magical and transporting as one would hope from the man ~ checkitout:
26 March 2020 | Quarantined Guardian

Kohei Amada - Kyogokuryu​-​sōkyoku Shinshunfu

"A fantastic recording of Japanese music dating from the mid-1950s. This is a great listening experience. Singular string sounds, gorgeous ensemble play, and a heartbreaking moment when the voice comes in."

Peter Davison + Arsis Handbell Ensemble + Bourbonese Qualk (combined listening!)

"First of all dip your feet into the sweet sounds of naïveté & nature love with Peter Davison. My personal favorites among Davison's albums are The Pleïades and Enchanted Lagoon."

"Add some Arsis Handbell Ensemble and you end up with a heavily surreal sugar overdose. If the combination of these two equals the sound of a childhood dream in which your teacher loves you back."

"Then Bourbonese Qualk's Hope is an album that could be a fitting soundtrack for the 2020 force majeure. My favourite track here is 'Gag'."

Greg Saunier - Cover Album of Voivod's Angel Rat

"I used to be deep into Voivod and any news regarding the band still draws my attention. This just came out a couple of days ago: a cover album of Angel Rat by Greg Saunier. In all honesty I prefer Nothingface over Angel Rat, but this is a touching tribute, cleverly executed. Superb tune (also on the original): 'The Prow'."

Spirit & Form - Spirit & Form

"Anyone who has already heard this album will surely agree with me here. David Edren also plays in Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond and I know his solo music quite well. Still this came as a surprise: Spirit & Form, co-created with Bent von Bent, manages to transform the love for a particular sound into something other and beautiful. Reminds me of Sakamoto's music for the long-forgotten series Wild Palms. That good? Yes."

Guilhem All - Fatigue bénéfique

"Guilhem All performed a stunning set on this year's Kraak Festival and in a weird way he reminded me of Jeff Mills with a dose of Philip Jeck. This album maybe does not completely reflect the energy and build of the live show, but is very solid nevertheless. Cool stuff. I hope we hear and see more of Guilhem in the nearest possible future."

Listen and get the latest Razen record, Robot Brujo, out now on Hands in the Dark ~ these folks have also just put up their whole digital discography as a pay-what-thou-wilt kind thing, so jump on it and get some incredible music while it lasts!