Capelo is Michel Nyarwaya and Eve Decampo, fellow Jettois and young graduates of the ERG art school. Having first made a splash with their highly crushable debut on the highly crushable Lexi Disques label, they quickly dug a little niche for themselves in the synth pop mini-verse currently taking hold of Brussels.
20 February 2018 | AG 11

Dreamy and unpretentious, their ballads carry the oddly powerful reminiscence that goes with the first time you heard a song that made you stop in your tracks out of sheer emotional hold. Their release on Le Pacifique Records/Unknown References, Do


During my teenage years, my first musical excitement came from Nü Metal and from grandiose musical gestures that could be witnessed at big festivals like Dour and its ilk. This impression was slowly transformed by the discovery of the nic