Chronopolis: A Consular Note

14 November 2019 | AG 14

Elastic time, endless leisure, irrelevant time. What are the possibilities for amusement when the world is yours to contort and manipulate? Essential elements, like time and space, are mere parameters. Wary lords oversee their use, warping them and bending them and prodding at them impassively, impenetrably. To reach that status is to accept stasis. Still, what are the other possibilities when, despite this hermetic trance, impermanence reigns beyond? Existential anxiety is not wiped but only played with, and desolation and destruction are inevitable despite true, messianic mantras:
Time is elastic.
Leisure is endless.
Time is irrelevant.


Chronopolis by Piotr Kammler will be screened at KASK Cinema in Ghent on Wednesday 20 November as part of Eastern Daze VI. Tickets here!