De Neus van God

A special edition highlighting the program of KRAAK festival 2018.
26 January 2018 | De Neus van God
  • Live at LUFF by Sandra Boss
  • 2 by Liz Durette
  • Bars (variation) by Still House Plants
  • Transmigration by Ka Baird
  • Humid by Apulati Bien
  • Scalesia by Zarabatana
  • Karawitan by David Edren
  • Gesang der Weichplastikkinder by Transport
  • We are the Young Professionals by Lemones
  • I'm sitting in a room by SEF III
  • Live excerpt by Osilasi
  • Charlie by Capelo
  • unreleased by Red Brut
  • Lateral Pass Song IV (Quintet 1985) by Peter Zummo
  • starts logging #public by Jung An Tagen
  • Chuwangk Kyuh Hay by Paradon't
  • Monstera Deliciosa by Felicia Atkinson
  • Abridged Lowes by Still House Plants
  • Double Dribble tape excerpt by Capelo