De Neus van God

A special show with an exclusive live session and interview by Susan Alcorn, the Baltimore lapsteel pedal avant-gardist. Before and after some nice new tracks by Paul Demarinis, Chik White, Les Filles De Illighadad and more!
24 November 2017 | De Neus van God
  1. Njuzu – Stella Chiwehse
  2. Eghass Malan – Les Filles D'illighadad
  3. How To Grow Evil Flowers – Headroom
  4. Askasker – Chik White
  5. Fonetica Francesce – Paul De Marinis
  6. If your light gone out... – Mick Flower
  7. L'escalier Des Avuegles – Luc Ferrari
  8. Dance of the Kings
  9. Transmigration – Ka Baird
  10. Susan Alcorn Live Session
  11. Susan Alcorn Interview
  12. From the Side of man and womankind – Tony Conrad & Faust