De Neus Van God

A loose and playful edition in KRAAK's bimontly radio show De Neus van God, on Radio Panik; covering some the shows by KRAAK the next months.
13 April 2018 | De Neus van God
  1. Hello Chi, by Art Ensemble Of Chicago
  2. La veritable genese by Elg
  3. Le pêcheur d’islande by Jean Marrie Massou
  4. excerpt of Horizon Capiton by Olivier Brisson
  5. Mo-Mo by Sacred Flut Music from New Guina
  6. Obtuse construction no.5 by Ka Baird and Andy Ortman
  7. Tamatawe by Roberto MuscI & Giovanni Venosta
  8. Untitled track by Nuno Canavaro
  9. Woman of water and music by Roberto Musci
  10. Sezioni by Ricardo SIngaglia
  11. live excerpt by Zywizna
  12. Liyaanse Olifantendans by Varkenshond
  13. Gong Solo II by Antti Tolvi
  14. Live at Cafe OTO by Will Guthrie/Mark Fell
  15. Knippen by De Batteries
  16. Klaagzang by De Batteries
  17. Remove in line by Yeah You
  18. Blood Will Run by Black Pus
  19. Live at Tusk Festival by Guttersnipe
  20. Lonnie’s Lament by Raphael Roginski