DE NEUS VAN GOD featuring Radio Hito

Pop from the French underbelly gets another focus, followed by Radio Hito's DNVG debut!
01 September 2020 | De Neus van God

A show full of French underground pop hitz! Featuring sounds from labels MIDI Fish, Le Syndicat Des Scorpions, CooL RaouL & more, plus some guest action by way of Radio Hito presenting songs that matter.


Radio Hito - Ascoltami

Regis Turner - Combien

La Fureur de Vouivre - Salut les oiseaux, c'est moi !

Acte Bonté - L'argent

And The - Feux d'artifice (dub)

Zad Kokar - Israelites

Guilhem All - Méga egaré

Apulati Bien - Pandemonio (feat. JOLOTL)

Altitude 1000 - Agustin

Simili Gum - Terre plate

Nina Harker - Vino negro

Nina Harker - το κορίτσι γαβγίζει

Selected by Radio Hito:

Arthur Russell - Tower of Meaning

Gotainer - Alleluia

JP Hartnett - Gainsbourough

XTC - River of Orchids

Ariel Pink - Among Dreams

Domotic - Quick Step

Priscilla Ermel - Luar

Maria Monti - Aria, terra, acqua et fuoco