De Neus Van God - Hendrik Van Dacquin on Townes Van Zandt

The long-awaited return of Ser Dacquin on the Radio Panik plateau, continuing his series on the tragic lives of lonesome geniuses (genii). This time: the life and times of the always great, always late Townes Van Zandt.
21 August 2020 | De Neus van God

After a full year preparing for this moment, Hendrik Dacquin finally presents his master thesis on the life and times of none other than top Texan Townes Van Zandt 💙 In this show: gorgeous songs, meticulously prepared anecdotes, a lively & highly erudite discussion, and an inevitable veering off-script as the Jupiler (oh god) cans pile up.


Pancho and Lefty (Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson cover, aka the cheesy version)

My Proud Mountains (KPFT version 1972 or 73)

My Starter Won't Start This Morning (Lightning Hopkins cover from Live at Austin City Limits)

Nothing (radio session)

Black Crow Blues (live at the Jester)

Tower Song (from Live at the Old Quarter)

For the Sake of the Song (from Townes Van Zandt)

Rade (from A Gentle Evening)

Tecumseh Valley (from A Gentle Evening)

Kathleen (from Our Mother the Mountain radio session)

Highway Kind (from Sunshine sessions)

Two Girls (from TWO GIRLS Live at the old quarter)



Dollar Bill Blues (live at Austin City Limits)

Waiting Around To Die (live from Austin City Limits at Uncle Seymour's)