De Neus Van God - KRAAK FEST WHERE ARE THEY NOW?? special

The goils of KRAAK reminiscing on the ghosts KRAAK Fests past while presenting the spirits of the future while Pauwel lurks in din of the Admin Dungeon. Featuring the latest by Still House Plants, Ka Baird, Kraus, Embassador Dulgoon, Gaute Granli, and Madalyn Merkey amid the tragedy of spilled beer and technical fuck ups, just like at KRAAK Fest :')
05 March 2021 | De Neus van God

Right around now we'd be gearing up for the yearly cavalcade of KRAAK Festival, hopped up on coffee and the unmistakable headrush of anticipation before the best kind of family gathering there is. While we collect ourselves for the delayed adrenaline k