De Neus Van God: Cheers to 2018!

De Neus van God has picked his seasonal favorites for the leaking year. It has been an insanely good one!
19 December 2018 | De Neus van God

1. Daniel Bachman - Scrumpy (The Morning Star, Three Lobed Recordings, 2 x LP/CD)

2. Yuzo Iwata - Up on a Dragonfly (Daylight Moon, Siltbreeze, LP) 

3. Gwenifer Raymond - Off to See the Hangman, Part II (You Were Never Much of A Dancer, Tompkins Square, LP/CD) 

4. BR LÂA B - Dial V for Victim (Other People's Crimes, LP/CD)

5. Stefan Christensen - The City (City Code, Knotwilg, LP) 

6. Forced Into Femininity - Tranny Chaser (Erraticism, popnihil, Cassette) 

7. Mosquitoes - Hollow (Drip Water Hollow Out Stone, ever/never records, LP)

8. Blue Suede Platforms - Rambling, Out One Day (Collection, Alberts Basement, Cassette)

9. Still House Plants - Fist Fight (Long Play, bison, LP) 

10. Guttersnipe - Facility Of Parasitism (My Mother The Vent, Upset! The Rhythm, LP) 

11. Headroom - Aamidori (Headroom (11) / Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) ‎– Split, Centripetal Force, LP)

12. Crazy Bread - Feeling Proof Plasmic (Vocoder Divorce, Astral Spirits, Cassette)

13. Datashock - Hullu Gully, Wir Liefern Shizz (Kräuter der Provinz, Bureau B, 2xLP, CD)

14. Lewsberg - The Smile (Lewsberg, LP/CD)

15. Juri Camisasca - Sincronie (part I) (Evoluzione Interiore, Black Sweat Records, 2xLP, CD) 

16. Sourdure - La Marche Mauve (L'Espròva, Les Disques du Festival Permanent, LP/CD)

17. Razen - The Night Receptionist pt.III (The Night Receptionist, Meakusma, CD)

18. Ambassador Dulgoon - Orkneyan Skerries 2078 (Hydrorion Remnant, Nonlocal research, LP)

19. Annelies Monseré - Happiness is Within Sight (Happiness Is Within Sight, STROOM, LP)

20. Edgar Wappenhalter - Plants Dance (Morc Records, LP)