De Neus Van God - Bandcamp Buddy Treasure Trove

Gems dug out of Bandcamp's finest friends! Plus KRUT previews, PLUS Total Stooge FM Fest blabber
02 April 2021 | De Neus van God

We snooped through the Bandcamp collections of some of our most reputable music buddies and dug out gems for your radiophonic ears. PLUS we'll be presenting tunes from our newly-released KRUT batch: Antwerp's Clara Lissens and the C_C of the spheric undergrounds are this month's guides into a spirit land of mystery dance halls as we await their return to physical form. PLUSSS special look into our upcoming TOTAL STOOGE FM FEST.

Featuring tunes by Burd Ellen, Somaticae, Oval Angle, Martha Forsberg, Shelley Hirsch, Michèle Bokanowski & more!