The documentary 'The Goodiepal Equation' portrays a highly original and somewhat curious figure in contemporary music and art – the Danish/Faroer artist Goodiepal. He is a loyal friend, a philantrope and a hacker and his personality and mystery is an essential part of his theories. His unconventional way of living is a crucial part of his art practice, and is all about bright imagination, genuine altruism and empathy. One of his recent projects is the band Goodiepal & pals. It acts as a refugee organisation, disguised as a contemporary Tek-Rock-Band - conducted by Goodiepal. All the money that band makes goes straight to stranded refugees. The band have been active for 2 1/2 year and has toured Europe intensively. Goodiepal is one of the guests for the Eastern Daze Festival: on the first day the documentary will be screened at KASKcinema, in presence of the film director Sami Sänpäkkilä. On the second day Goodiepal & Pals will be performing at TramZwart. This article offers as personal take on Goodiepal’s practice.
16 November 2018 | AG 13

I didn’t particularly liked Goodiepal when I first met him back in the past. He seemed like a villain that always tries to trick you and doesn’t even have a phone...Sami Sänpäkkilä got it sharp in

Parl (what is actually his name) and Nynne, his girlfriend and one of the Pals, are at the moment back in Denmark for a happy event of getting a baby this autumn. They will be busy around giving birth around the time of Eastern Daze!
After an extens

“People have been extremely nice to me, and I have been extremely open about what I have been doing. I was not here only because of refugees, but also because I fell in love with Serbia and people there, so it opened up to me, and gave me a lot of expe

He explains, in lengthy discussions about art and activism, three layers in understanding the world and how things work: (1) mechanical music; (2) electronic music; (3) computer music.
“When I was young I crashed right in to layer 3 and wanted in my