Ivoren Toren

A focal point in the city’s grey-zone... is all it takes to kick the underground in the face. Since a few years the shared space In De Ruimte serves as the ideal generator for a cluster-fuck of shows, exhibits, labels and graphic experiment. One of them is Ivoren Toren, a transphenomenon platform that mingles contemporary dance, holistic science and concerts. Watcharita Aroon, the visual artist behind the KRAAK logo and artwork in previous editions of the Avant Guardian has a few questions for Jonas Vanhullebusch, the mind, body and soul behind Ivoren Toren.
21 December 2017 | AG 10.1


Watcharita Aroon

Which choices in your childhood made you into the person you are now? What is your strongest memory?

Jonas Vanhullebusch

Many choices that seemed small and funny formed me in plural. I notice that ‘the



The first meaning of ‘Ivory Tower’ that comes to my mind involves people who are specialized in a certain field, but who are unable to share their love/knowledge with laymen. How would you describe Ivory Tower to the ultimate layman?



In de Ruimte is an off­space, a gallery in which artists are curators. What sets it apart?


 In de Ruimte defines itself as a progressive, autonomous and innovating house for culture. We try to create an o